My name is Emanuel and I’m a wedding photographer in Perth, Western Australia.

The Adventure begins in your Heart.

I never wanted to be a photographer, let alone do wedding photography. It wasn’t until I was walking through Perth city when I noticed an impressively big camera sitting in a store. It was expensive but I wanted it really bad without really knowing why…and seven years later I finally scraped up enough money and got an impressively big camera. I shot a lot of bugs and just generally annoyed a lot of people with it.

These days you might be thinking that shooting wedding photos has probably destroyed my last thread of self respect. But actually, shooting weddings is my most favourite thing to. In what world can I point a camera at people all day long and they can’t tell me off for it?

I enjoy adventures to wherever. More recently, these have been coming in the form of road trips around the Perth countryside. I like exploring around and going up large hills pretending I’m casually strolling through forests, with snow capped mountains in the distance and a grim north wind meting my face off with it’s frozen fury. If you are adventurous in your own way and if you daydream about trips away, then we are going to get on pretty well. The adventure begins in your heart. Pretty poetic huh?