Welcome to my little place on the internet.

So this is a little bit about me - I can't wait to meet you!


F%#k storytelling. I’m not a storyteller.

I want to take photos, and I want to take the best damn photos of your wedding day that I can. The rest is incidental.

I was once told by someone who was close to me, that I had a huge ego. This really struck me as I never saw myself as having an ego of any size. I asked them to clarify what they had meant, to which they replied that I had a ‘huge ego because I “felt” too much’. I didn’t really understand this at first but after a long while of processing it, and finding my own perception of that statement, I found it rung true. Everything I do is based on passion. This whole wedding photography business is built on my passions, and all the emotions that sometimes go hand-in-hand with your passions: insecurity, fear, anger, happiness, love and hate.

Epic photo of me by Tyler Brown.


My name is Emanuel and shooting weddings is one my favorite things to do. Editing the photos makes me smile as I watch all cool moments that happened. Sometimes I tear up. And that’s something I really want to tell you at that very point in time, but I don’t. Sometimes I even re-watch your slideshow many months after I’ve delivered your photos. Sentimental bullshit; we’re all afflicted with it.
I like collecting nice packaging (yep, crazy box guy right here). I like guitars, especially beat up old Fenders. And to the great shame of my family, I’m a closet nerd…Lord of the Rings and Star Wars is king! At home I’m easily distracted, especially during the day, but at night I’m normal. Or normal-er. I can be a bit introverted at times, and sometimes I feel a bit socially awkward, or feel as if my words catch in my mouth. And yep, I’m usually nervous to meet new people but it’s also something I really look forward to. Stupid brain, make up your mind!
Oh yeah! Almost forgot…my biggest photography influence is music, and various subcultures. I live in Perth, Western Australia…right near Fremantle, but I’m happy to shoot anywhere on this round ball we call the world. It’s still considered round right? I’ve heard people calling it flat. Anyway…whichever your preference, round or flat, let’s create something together.
I don’t have mission statement for my business cause it’s too ‘businessy’ (I made up a word!) but if I did, I stand by my opening statement. My goal is to capture real moments and mash out the photos that will be a loved memory, so that YOU can tell the story of your wedding day, many, many years from today.Connect with me via FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM, or feel free to drop me an email via my Contact page. And if you’re not worn out yet, and want to know more about me, I have my Ask Me page. Scroll through already answered questions or leave one of your own.