Emanuel Rudnicki Wedding Photographer

Enjoy the ride no matter where it takes you


Everything I do is based on passion. This whole wedding photography business is built on my passions, and all the emotions that sometimes go hand-in-hand with your passions: insecurity, fear, anger, happiness, love, hate…

Out of all the things I take photos of, wedding photography is my favourite. There is such a great vibe to the day, everyone is happy and having fun, and it’s really enjoyable being around that. For me, this is the best job in the world.

I’m probably not too much different to you. I like traveling, mountains, forests, snow, oceans and waves.

I have a hard time throwing out nice packaging (yep, crazy box guy right here). I like guitars, especially beat up old Fenders. And to the great shame of my family, I’m a closet nerd…Lord of the Rings and Star Wars is king! At home I’m easily distracted, especially during the day, but at night I’m normal. Or normal-er. I can be a bit introverted at times, and sometimes I feel a bit socially awkward, or feel as if my words catch in my mouth. And yep, I’m usually nervous to meet new people but it’s also something I really look forward to. Stupid brain, make up your mind! I also like going to live music gigs, and going out for a surf when I can.

I live in Perth, Western Australia…right in Fremantle to be specific, but I’m happy to shoot anywhere on this round ball we call the world.

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Would you be willing to travel for a wedding?

Of course! I’m based in Perth, Western Australia but I'll shoot a wedding, engament or elopement anywhere. Whether it’s local, somewhere in Australia, Bali, or anywhere in the world, I’m available for destination weddings and shoots. Send me an email and we can talk.

Should our dog join us on the wedding day?

Definitely! But I think that at weddings, dogs should wear people clothes.

What happens if it rains on the wedding day?

Nobody likes getting wet. It blows. But don’t worry, we’ll make it work!!

How long until we get the photos from you?

I spend a big chunk of time agonizing over the images. I sit at my computer and go through a mountain pile of photos and pretty much give myself a mental hernia trying to figure out which ones are the best and how it’s edited. Depending on how busy the wedding season is, your photos are ready in about 6 weeks from the wedding.

What gear do you use?

I use two Canon 5D IV camera bodies, and a range of Canon and Sigma Art prime lenses.