Ask Me A Question

What gear do you use?

I use Canon 5D IV and Canon 5D III camera bodies. Lenses I normally bring to a wedding: Canon 85L f/1.2, Canon 135L f/2, Canon 45 TS-E f/2.8, Sigma 35 f/1.4 Art, Sigma 24 f/1.4 Art.


Why are you doing this?

Why weddings? The answer is pretty easy. Mainly because of the great food. Also working for myself means that I don’t have a dick boss intent on breaking my balls. And performance reviews; man, I hate those. Now I just break my own balls and cry myself to sleep in some dark corner of the room. But seriously, out of everything, weddings are my absolute favourite thing in the world to shoot!


Destination Wedding Photographer Australia

What do you charge for wedding photography?

This witch hunt is over!!


Seriously, what do you charge for wedding photography?

Just send me a message with your wedding date and where you’re having it and I’ll send you my price packages. I do this cause I have no friends and I’m craving human interaction. Have you ever noticed how you start to talk to yourself when left alone for long periods of time? You too, huh? What’s with that?

Would you be willing to travel for a wedding?

Of course! I’m based in Perth, Western Australia but I love to shoot anywhere. Whether it’s local, somewhere in Australia, or Bali, or anywhere in the world, I’m available for destination weddings and shoots. Send me an email and we can talk.

Should our dog join us on the wedding day?

Sure! But I think that at weddings, dogs should wear people clothes.

What happens if it rains on the wedding day?

Nobody likes getting wet. It blows.  But don’t worry, we’ll make it work!!

How long until we get the photos from you?

I spend a big chunk of time agonizing over the images. I sit at my computer and go through a mountain pile of photos which for the most part look identical to each other. I pretty much give myself a mental hernia trying to figure out which one is the best and how it’s edited. Wow, I’ve really padded this answer out. Therefore, in conclusion, you’ll get your pics in about 6 weeks from the wedding.